Hi! I’m Dallas Price, and welcome to drpgraphicdesign.com. I’m a designer, Photographer and developer. I am a creator.

Price Family
Price Family

I’ve been a graphic designer since 2012 but, it started before that with random little projects and things. The first time I really got excited about art and design in general was in a high school multimedia class. We’d make all sorts of little things … from web pages to 3d rendered video clips. It was just really exciting and cool. I started drpgraphicdesign as a place to showcase my work. It began as a creative outlet for my writing, design, family and … me. It’s grown and changed over the years.

My goal is to create unique, effective and engaging communications through print and digital mediums, expand my business and grow trusted partners, friends and clients who value design, appreciate their world, and are passionate about compelling visual communication.. I enjoy and excel most when helping people and organizations communicate with new and compelling layouts, photography and damn cool media. Design has value, you can really make a statement … influence a person or population, invoke emotion, inspire change … with little more than a line of type and a few colors.

My best work is very minimalist. I try to communicate with nothing more than an image, and some words. Sometimes ideas start with something I’ve seen recently, or sometimes it’s something that sits on the boilerplate for days before a design starts to emerge. I just try to always be on the lookout for things … things that work as well as things that don’t. I read something once that stated something to the effect that as creatives we should always be looking at and for design, like breathing … we breath in the work of others and exhale our own work … or something like that.