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Jul 17, 2013 Trust me, you’re not a graphic designer By: Mary Ann Henker (Unless you are. In which case we retract our previous statement.) What we are saying is that many people overlook the importance of hiring a professional graphic designer because they have the opinion that graphic design seems relatively simple, especially with …

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Adding an exaggerated 3d effect to text

Use 3d extrude and bevel, expand appearance, select only the bevel and manually add a gradient, block off the edges with white boxes, and crop your artboard around the art.


Changing color schemes

Possibly not the best design decision. But, I thought it’d be kind of cool to have random color schemes on page load for the new theme I created. The result is kind of neat.

Happy Fourth of July!

  As we grow closer to this years Independence Day I’d like to remind everyone to be safe and have fun.This file is one I created a few months ago, and has been one of my best sellers bringing in a total of somewhere in the range of 60 cents ;). But, at least it …