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I was about to write something political but

I was about to write something political but, this precious little collection of girls, is my political party of choice… These little shits marching around, bossing people around, tossing their attitudes at everyone like they have no shits to give … and the sassiest little one of all, asks every person’s name, and offers only a thank you. On the only day anymore that it’s welcomed to go to your neighbors door and ask for sugar, my little snotty shit head baby wants to know what their names are and hug them and shit.

And I’m fucking happy about it … I’ve learned more from these 4 little teachers of mine than … what? Roughly 15 years, 20 years? of school now? Have ever taught me … They’ve taught me about myself, they’ve taught me about the human condition … about how we should all live more like children do. I don’t know how in this world, any single other person’s life became less important than the next.

Life, is … mundane … it’s discouraging … it’s sometimes, terrible … but, every single day is a blessing … Not to say a blessing from god because we all know that if it does exist I don’t care for it much … but, the blessing of life.

We get to experience all of these little intricate parts of LIFE and little pieces of it’s puzzle, we’re all just piles of cells walking around that can compute and experience emotion.

We are piles of molecules … much like the ground that you’re standing or sitting on … and the air that is currently surrounding you and pressing down on you.

Monday, is a good day … as is Tuesday … Say hi to someone new. This week, I challenge you to do one single thing outside of your shell. Come back and comment, I don’t care if what. If you tried to cook spinach in sloppy joes I might try to give you a tip or so but, really try to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, meet new people, love new people. Spread some joy and happiness.

Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote on Tuesday if you haven’t. I voted for Gary, because I couldn’t really have a Hillary or Trump vote on my conscious, and he seems like a :/ fairly decent guy. Whomever you’re standing with, hit that poll or mailbox and get heard … like … Please. Please.

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