Eden Style Guide

What was the problem?

A logo isn’t a brand, it’s just a piece … Maybe it could be attributed to the keystone of a structure. Along with a logo project I build out a full style guide. The style guide is for client and future collaborators to use to help stay within the brand that we’ve already developed. I hadn’t posted this before when I posted the rest of the Eden logo project so I figured that I’d post it now.

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How did I solve it?

One key attribute of the Eden brand is elegance. I tried to maintain this in the style guide, used and suggested ways to maintain that consistent style. Not to take away from it but to let the logo shine with a bit of minimalism. Other attributes of this brand are natural and organic. I’ll follow up with how that was executed in future publications.

What were the results?

Now that it’s been a couple years and we’ve had an opportunity to watch the brand grow, the style guide was used … around 75% of the time. I’ve been a bit discouraged when I see the work misused even though I go through the trouble of preparing this all. But, I’m the lowly designer. I can step back and let it become its own entity.