Mrs. Tiffany Johnson

Dallas, has been a true, asset to my company. I came to him in the beginning stages, of an idea.

As an entrepreneur I’m very use to people telling me I’m crazy or that it can’t be done. But he didn’t give me any of that.

I explain to him that I needed a logo. A logo that represented Elegance, professionalism, Grace and mystery. Those aren’t easy things to convey into a logo. Nor is it something that you can just put together in 20 min.

Dallas understood this. He began by sending me just the name and we built off of that. He must have created at least 20 different ideas; all of which I asked him to alter or change in one way or another. He understood these changes, he didn’t get frustrated with me.

He continued to go on this path with me, on this journey to create the perfect logo, for my company. And we were able to do just that.

I am so proud of the logo that we have created. That I trademarked it, federally and within the state. To make sure that no one can take it from me.

Dallas is amazing. You would be completely crazy. If you were to misjudge his talents.

Dallas has been so great. That I have also asked him to do labels on my product. A website, Billboards and various advertisements for Eden Skin Care, I trust him completely.

I also have to say that I appreciate the way that he does business. He’s very straightforward and honest.

I have never been surprised by an invoice, that he has sent me. That on its own is a huge Plus.

Thank you Dallas for all your support, guidance and for forgiving my inability to understand basic computer functions.

Mrs. Tiffany Johnson
president: Eden skin care owner: Tiffany Johnson lme