Hi, my name’s Dallas. I help people and small businesses create effective visual communications.

My mother taught me that hard work and adaptability is crucial to life. She also taught me that honesty and integrity were the most important qualities to possess. My father provided me a fun-loving attitude, extreme attention to detail and creative mind.

Later in life, after some trouble at home, my grandmother became extremely influential. She’s creative, hard-working, honest, and fun-loving. To this day she’s still out there working and traveling.

These wonderful people passed on their characteristics, values and beliefs to me … All of which make me who I am and what allows me to do what I do best; create effective visual communications.

With advertising cheaply reaching a larger audience than ever, I find that many people are discouraged with how their advertisements and online engagement are performing. It’s critical to make a great first impression now more than ever. For new businesses, getting off on the right foot could make or break your business and dreams.

Dallas Price Graphic Design was founded in 2017. I had been working for years as just an individual, and after some fair growth in 2016, I decided to dive in head first. I enjoy communicating visually; fantastic typography, photography, video and even my silly illustrations. That’s why I’m here. I help people reach their visual communication goals.

The good news is, I’m here to help, simply contact me. Send me an online message through social media, call, text or send an e-mail.