Another Beautiful Day!

Barely a cloud in the whole sky, it’s another beautiful day! I’m starting to feel like it wouldn’t be half bad to have a cold front roll through though. It’s pretty odd to still be having spring weather/temps even though it’s almost Thanksgiving.

I Got my little guy here again cuddled up all morning. Actually, he was kinda cuddling my bum. Probably farted on him all day. lol. He doesn’t seem to care about that sort of thing though, in the photo he’s super mad because he thinks that my desk is a McDonald’s play place or something so he gets grounded to his playpen about 10 times a day. Little rascal!

Anyway, I guess today I’ll be working on my theme some more for this site. I’m so stressed and worried about money, the anxiety set in the day before yesterday and I just wanted to die. I hate feeling like that because I’m usually a pretty happy guy. Once that funk sets in it’s hard to shake and I start saying/doing stupid shit.

I pretty much had this site shut down for a few months, really I thought I’d have a new theme on it and be back to posting and stuff by now … like before today but, I got a little overwhelmed and didn’t do much.

I’ve been working on Bad Billy Beard though, and a few other random things. Best Website and Hosting is coming along pretty good. We hit a couple of little road bumps and sales have been slow but, overall decent. It would be nice to have a few hundred customers over there. For one, if I stay busy it keeps me sane and lately I’ve just really enjoyed helping people build and maintain websites.

Anyway, I need some work … today and pretty much every day. I’d love to work on a book/magazine/brochure or websites. Product photos (weather permitting) and I’m back to working on computers (laptops, due to space).

Have a beautiful day, people! Be sure to leave a comment, and by all means, contact me if you’ve got something to work on!

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