So proud of my Layla baila. She’s had to grow up so much. Just turning 5, she’s so excited about school. I’m glad that her family friends were able to make it to her 5th birthday. She’s such a sweethearted brat.

Theme change

Ugh, I’ve had a fun filled day. My daughter’s fifth birthday. I always hate it when there’s like 60 billion people running around me, everyone yelling over each other/squealing/giggling/fighting. I start getting nervous and grouchy about 2 hours before anyone even shows up … lol. Not to mention the goddamn construction, I mean … Them …


Changing color schemes

Possibly not the best design decision. But, I thought it’d be kind of cool to have random color schemes on page load for the new theme I created. The result is kind of neat.

Happy Fourth of July!

  As we grow closer to this years Independence Day I’d like to remind everyone to be safe and have fun.This file is one I created a few months ago, and has been one of my best sellers bringing in a total of somewhere in the range of 60 cents ;). But, at least it …

New Website!

                    Not really sure where I’m going with this. It’s been quite a project and at one point yesterday I’d deleted the entire thing and gave up. It’s definitely looking a lot closer to how I wanted it now though. Need to throw together some content …