Working With Color

working with color

Today we’ll be talking a bit about the deep subject of color and color schemes. The office is done … mostly … most of an entirely brand new computer, a new printer, bookshelf, desk … life is kind of back to normal. Our new house is coming along nicely due to Khristine’s hard work, though …

Great Design Starts with Great Imagery

My old GE X400. Decent little camera for the price.

I love photography. I’ve enjoyed taking photographs since probably around High School/College time. I took a course at UVU (Then UVSC) called Digital Photography for Beginners. Which was amazing … I don’t recall if we were taught much about composition but, we did learn to use our cameras and it seems like one of the …


Winter, 2015 Family photos

Price family photos Winter 2015 taken at Maple Grove, Utah

Went up to Maple Grove this evening for some Winter photos. I had the ISO set too high for quite a few and they came out super grainy. Still got a few good shots I think.    

– Insert Title Here –

Rain photo from January Question mark is just a regular ol' Helvetica question mark.

To sum up 2014 in one word interesting. Designers never really stop working … Even when we entirely disconnect ourselves it’s always a subconscious process … Some designers do fairly well with letting go of past projects and disconnecting themselves with current work. While others, myself included, can dwell on them until we are literally …

The 5 Elements of Great Graphic Design

Advertisement designed for Ogden's Superstore by Dallas Price (starburst compliments of Jennifer Dorgan) background vector art by Creative Outlet. Published in The Richfield Reaper 11/12/2014.

It’s been a while since I have posted, as the holiday season grows nearer other priorities keep getting in the way of writing a good post :(. So I did a bit of searching for something to post today and stumbled upon this great read by Kimming Yap just for fun I’ll add some images …

Free tire tracks brush for AI

Just whipped up this vector tire tracks brush. Hope it works well. Download Here If you liked this post be sure to follow me on your favorite social media channel, subscribe via e-mail and share, or all of them for that matter! Thank you for stopping in!

Advertisement Design Review

Advertisement design by Graphic Designer Dallas Price for Jorgensen Ford. Published in The Richfield Reaper 10/22/2014

I’ve been skipping out on advertisement review for the past little while so I thought that it’d be a good subject for the day. This is an advertisement I designed for the 10/22 publication of The Richfield Reaper. As most of my readers know I get these full page car ads on such short notice …

Isolating photos, the right way

Dallas Price - Isolating photos, the right way. Lion photo from

Today I wanted to write about a common topic that many artists, designers and photographers seem to struggle with … Isolating photos. Quite often I see over-feathering, poorly drawn traces from using Photoshop’s lasso tools, jagged edges from the wand tool, and even missing appendages. The process that I use is a careful trace using …

Top five reasons to hire a graphic designer

Advertisement design by Graphic Designer Dallas Price for Ogdens Superstore. Published in The Richfield Reaper 08/27/2014

As small to medium sized businesses struggle in a still down economy, sometimes you have to sacrifice luxuries and try to cut corners. For some it can seem like a cost saving factor to cut even cut employees and have someone else in the office try to do the job but, don’t get rid of …