Ya know what grinds my gears?! – Bicycles.

Soo I bought myself a new bike a few weeks ago. Partly because I’m lacking the health/exercise part of my ambitions but, mostly because I really just love biking. It’s almost spiritual just to haul ass down the road on a bicycle.

… at some point in the 2000’s they decided that everyone wanted suspension, quick change tires, disk brakes … on their fucking bicycles. Now, the suspension thing kinda pisses me off anyway because it’s not like we get the choice anymore. It’s built into all of them and adds weight that my lazy ass doesn’t want to carry around. Well, all the changes kinda piss me off but, that one’s worse.

However, definitely the worst of these “improvements” is the adoption of hex key tightening screws. Like, sure, I get it. Carrying wrenches around when you’re out on a 30 mile trek is probably an inconvenience but, who in their right mind carries around a full set of hex keys anyway?! Or even has a full set in their tool box. I’ll bet I have 3 mixed sets because every single time I need one, it’s the missing one.

Plus, it’s an issue of leverage. A person simply cannot muster the same amount of torque on a tiny hex screw as they can on a 9/16″ combination wrench.

So, I’m flying around the block quick after running out the trash and, halfway around my goddamn handlebars are all the way loose. If you know our block then it’s really like, 5 blocks around but, that’s not the point. I got slowed down in time to not crash and just walked back.

It’s not the first time that it’s happened either. I believe I was heading off on a 3 mile adventure from our old house. I go to round the corner on main across from Little Wonder, I turn my handlebars and my wheel doesn’t turn … and my dumb ass is splattered on the sidewalk for a minute while I try to figure out what in the hell happened.

I’m human.

Life is continually 3 problems followed by a crisis.

I didn’t get to call as many people as I wanted to today (Sunday), I called my mothers. I fucked up a gift and I … purposefully wasn’t going to call someone. I honestly would wish everyone a happy holiday but, I saw only 4 other people today.

Oooh. That dangerous place where you HAVE to please nobody … I have a whole bunch of reasons to dislike a whole bunch of people and some days I just fucking hurt n don’t wanna do shit. I sometimes get accused of being mean, hateful, maybe even malicious but, I don’t really think that’s the case, at least for people that … maybe that I prefer? Sure, I do at times get a bit grumpy but, usually if I am mad there’s a decent reason.

Wild animals generally chew on thorns … What would a sophisticated person do?
A vague-book for sure, I had to delete most of it. I think there’s a higher road on the right and the left lane is … well, not ideal.

A funny story, I don’t know where it came from though.

You can build the tallest building in town buy tearing the other buildings down. But, you’re no longer a builder.

I’m … I’m not healthy … in any measurable way but, I caught something on our ticket system earlier this week that hit way harder than I thought it would.

It’s … I know it’s impossible to please everyone, and I don’t know what else I was supposed to do but, I don’t want to cry about my work. I’d do ALL of it for free if I could live like that but, that’s nonsense. But shoot.

Ya know there’s a comet with the potential to hit Earth in 2029 … It’s name is Apophis … and during the near miss in 2029, our gravity will change its trajectory enough to likely hit in 2039.

I … almost envy my blog, and writing … I naturally don’t express much. This is scattered again but, I’m trying to develop the habit of writing every day … I want to design and write a book. I want to publish something again.

It hurts to publish temporary things (websites) even though I love them. I hate losing them. When I have books from Highschool that I’ll never part with, and have to rebuy books that friends borrow and never return.

I used to save the paper, for the first few years. lol. Khristine got mad after a bit and now regularly tosses things, and if she cleans up my shit then it doesn’t matter if it’s important, it’s gone. Kinda bad for someone who uses sticky notes as time cards.

Did I even have a point here? I’d understand if you’re lost because I am too.

uhm … waffle… I fucked up the gift. Some people are cocks and … I guess that’s it?

WP Theme – Bad Billy Beards

I’ve got a few of these site-specific themes that I’ve done now but, I haven’t actually published and shared yet. So this will be the first one out of a handful.

Version 1.0! lol.

Uhm we’re looking at a few things that I intentionally did here for branding purposes, things I did specifically for site speed, and likely some things to come … especially on the WooCommerce side.

First, the heading font is Viner (on the brand from the product packaging. It’s fitting) and the body families are system serif fonts. System because loading another web font just slows down the site (decreasing SEO and increasing bounce rate) and serif because the brand has almost a …. classy-evil feel.

I ditched the mobile menu (hamburger menu). Because I think developing mobile first doesn’t mean putting in a special menu for mobile … it should mean creating the menu so that the experience is consistent across devices.

On the mobile first note, I also size adjusted the font for optimal line length, and the transition should be absolutely gorgeous.

Update: Version 1.1!

Most of this theme was built with WooCommerce in mind I wanted to declare WooCommerce theme support. I had trouble with one of the declarations and it would just stop showing products entirely. So now it’s using a different method.




We ate $60.95 cents yesterday … With an approximate 20% tip we left at $72.95 … The only reason, “I wanted prime rib”, and the bear loves beef of all kinds, so she had one too.

But, would we have been just as satisfied for a $10 pack of beef slices, a few taters and some veg? Definitely, and probably would have saved $50 …

When questioning our habitual spending though, I drink enough and we smoke enough to be millionaires in 10 years if we just saved it instead.

I’m doing some silly things with trying to refine this mindset. We’re not poor by any logical means but, we’re definitely not rich enough to act as we do. I’ve started with easy things.

Projecting 10 years … I don’t want to be this guy. Still in the same place fighting the same battles. Shoot. It gets depressing … discouraging … and my coping mechanisms are poor.

The rate at which positives in life are exceeding the negatives though. There are very few things that I can complain about. (most of them have hair on top). Work is coming along slow but, swimmingly. I’m getting better at building themes, the new servers are fantastic and expandable, I’m working on the affiliate setup so that everyone make some cash, I get to hang out with Ted all day and I still have regular design work.

Life is fucking amazing. Fantastic day peeps.


I hit that block Friday, ya know … struggling with a project, find out another client is up to weird stuff.

and it hits you, why in the hell do I even do this stuff? Like, keeping my own head above water is goddamn work, and I tack on helping people? Shoot. I don’t know how to do this stuff, look at all these experts in the field and amateurs alike doing amazing work that I just can’t match. I’ve been doing this crap for a decade … and I’m a fraud. Literally terrible.

I should go back to making pizza …

That’s an issue. Though I love making pizza, and pizza spreads happiness … it really doesn’t progress a goal. It can’t really “help people and small businesses”. I want to help fulfill dreams n shit.

I made some progress today … but my own work looks like shit. I should hire someone to do this. In fact, a salesperson too. Maybe I’ll do sales, I love people. Shit but, I’m super self-conscious and pessimistic. I’ll have a couple beers before I start … (Dallas, you know a couple really means ten … why do you do this?)

Dallas’s inner-dialogue

Then … just breath … and remember that it’s all just part of the course. Set the sail and then stay on course.

Just keep swimming


The day of a Dallas

I don’t know what to write … so: I woke up on time. Way too comfortable to leave the couch. Smoked and short of breath I returned to couch. Bear woke up the kids … they argued through getting ready. lol. I kicked them out at 7:18.

I tossed and turned there for a couple hours. Stuff to do and it gets that overwhelming sort of crippling feeling. So when Teddy bear woke up I had to move (getting out of bed really isn’t as bad as it seems.)

Kar Bar runs in, reads her book to Teddy… Super stoked that she’s in Orange books now. Eventually going to play in the back yard.

Only half way through coffee the wife stops in. Asks if I’ll go to the gas station. I was still in yesterday’s clothes, haven’t even put on deodorant. JEEZ. There’s chocolate on the car door, lol. Yellow pollen on the passenger seat.

The sun is pleasant so I roll down the window and turn the ac thing off.

They’re disassembling the old broken playground equipment so that they can install new stuff. Interesting story anyway, they need to demolish that big ol’ metal slide. It burrrns.

Upon arriving at the gas station, some woman in a van was driving like she’d been dropped too many times. I snagged one of the two spots she’d left open. An older guy with a cigarette was cleaning up some garbage. Seemed like a cool dude. In the line he just refilled his coffee.

The cashiers were in decent moods today, though I haven’t quite converted them to “fantastic” yet. I finally got the one that I nicknamed Eeyore to finally have good days instead of okay days. She is a total debbie downer.

Anyway, I had a monopoly hour and shower, Khryslee gets home… She starts crying when I remind her that she’s grounded … and then I cave. lol.

I’m not one of those “play date” people. I totally want them to get out and experience the world in all of it’s unplanned, “Murphy’s Law” goodness. There’s value in that shit.

The kids come home with scrapes, bruises and sometimes even fair injuries … They’ve yet to see why that’s awesome.

No fires to put out today, negotiating a website and stuff … Played a little and whatever. I had to get this post out, even though I had nothing interesting.

Are we already cyborgs?

Obviously not, well kinda. Think about this for a second.

We walk around with the entire knowledge of mankind in our pockets. People run with watches that are smarter than the humans own self.

AI/VR is kind of scary for numerous reasons. Combine that with the bio-research and we could literally be eating sushi in Japan one minute, then transition to Maine. Everything connected. The body just the vehicle.

I don’t know if I want to be around to see all of this play out but, it’s very interesting.


I literally just spent a whole day typing an email. As most know, I listen to podcasts like ALL DAY and if I’m not listening to podcasts I’m listening to music. I heard this line that touches on a sensitive topic for many … and one of the reasons that my Dallas Price Graphic Design is in a dying industry.

If you increase the wage to build a burger, a robot will build your burger

Jay Samit on the Keys to Radical Disruption

People act like this is new with robotics and stuff but, it’s not. Tractors replaced farmers, e-commerce replaced brick and mortar and in a large part salespeople.

I’ve been working on my sales process a bit for bestweb for nearly a year but, to be honest my time is probably better spent working directly on the site … I want to quickly and easily help as many small business owners as possible. Going one by one is a slooow process there.

But, the sales process does still need outlined. Because I want people to be able to replicate it. The affiliate system is robust as hell and I know a few people that could use some extra cash.

Guess that started going off topic again … Thanks for stopping in guys!


I’ve been getting a little shit lately because I no longer have “okay” or “good” days … I heard or read something about happiness not being a state but, being an action. You can literally be happy even when things are shit.

Sometimes are easier than others for sure … but, and this is one of the things that the bear deals with too (we talked for a few minutes about it earlier) some of the people that really got dealt a poor hand are more optimistic than people with literally few problems at all and we’ve all got our issues.

I think it was Thursday, arguing all day … no real work fail of a day but, I remembered a silly thing from one of the podcasts “I’ll be the happiest disabled person you’ve ever met” I thought that was pretty extraordinary.

Holding yourself in the negative state is … it’s not beneficial. Take 60 seconds if you need to to feel sorrow … take 5 days if you need but, I’ve lived a large amount of my life with my best being “meh”, guilt, regret, fear … even when everything is great. I don’t know about you guys but, I’d rather be happy as hell about having a crappy day than dig that hole deeper.

If you see me down, call me on it. Our very existence is something to be stoked about … The rollercoaster ride is just part of the journey … might as well have fun.

It’s all going to be fine

And hey
It’s all going to be fine
I put worries out my mind
I always must remind myself
The struggle is divine
Society draws lines
But, they are not how ones defined
Relax and give it time
It’s all going to be fine

Bumpin’ Uglies

I get caught up in moments then say and do dumb shit, feel like I’ve gotten better about it with age but, goddamn I get defensive when I feel attacked. I hurt people’s feelings that I care deeply about without even blinking … I’m a real prick.

I’ll work on it … gotta take it all in stride. Think anything today is going to matter in 10 years? Think the wrong shit you said to a loved one will? I’m guessing the wrong shit you said will matter more than the actual circumstance. Guilt eats the soul for decades. Families are for life, everything else changes with the wind.