The other day a conversation at work got me thinking about the mis-branding of drpgraphicdesign.

Just to avoid any confusion, drpgraphicdesign.com is my personal blog. I tend to stick family stuff on there, local events, pictures, recently I blogged about a friend who provides me with toad food and his amazing animal collection. I post what I’m doing, what I’m seeing, this is as much as just another stupid personal blog as it is a blog about graphic design, or any sort of attempt to grab freelance opportunities (which would also be nice). I found a mobile app that connects directly to it that I have no idea how to run so a post might be totally messed up, random or off the wall but, I do post graphic design stuff there also.

I purchased the site when developing last years best of the best ballot, as I needed a place to test the code, I thought of a domain for hours … I like blogs, and know that graphic design is a quite heavily searched term. So, I just kind of went in that direction. When you do visit the site though, it may as well be DallasPricesShit.com, or something similar.

Again, I really do appreciate all the support and love the followers, people visiting and sharing, it’s exciting and fun for me to post things and share.

1dollarimages.com is also going pretty well. No sales yet but, daily visits which is pretty cool. If you follow the blog much you’ll know that I started it to kind of get out of the depressing stock imagery scene and just create things because I want to, not for some best seller or something.

Anyhow, thank you for visiting and sharing everyone.

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