Free Vector Grass Brush for Adobe Illustrator

Vector grass brush image

Vector grass brush imageAnother freebie this week! I was messing around and trying to figure out what to do for a freebie or blog post this week. Maybe I’ll still get in a post but, while you’re waiting for that play around with this Vector Grass Brush! Show me what you create in the comments below and if you like this share it with your friends and colleagues. Also, follow me on your favorite social network for freebies, and blog posts about graphic design and life.Download your vector grass brush here

    2 thoughts on “Free Vector Grass Brush for Adobe Illustrator

    1. Thanks, I’m designing a fruit crate label for my Illustrator class at Chattanooga State College. This is still a rough draft…but I’m getting there. I appreciate all the help I get. LOL (not sure why it made 3 copies)

    2. Cool! I really hope it helps! One thing I did last time I used it is to flip some of the blades and change some of their colors to give a little variance but, it’s a handy way to get some scattered blades quickly 🙂

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