The one and only day that normies talk about gratitude … I’m going to have a gratitude post. I should let you know that I’m a bit embarrassed to even write this because I strive to practice it daily but, nevertheless … here we are.

Firstly, I’m thankful for my family. All of them but, more recently and importantly my mother and step-father for taking me in (yet again), brother (for not letting me die on the side of the road) and his girlfriend for putting up with me invading their space, and my little sister/niece for constant entertainment.

I have the absolute best friends in the entire world, and this post of gratitude would be lacking if I didn’t mention my friends at Uglies Nation and everyone in the Strike Discord. You all mean more to me than you’ll know. By far my best friends and the ones pulling me through this year though, have been Ed, Holly and Steve … I just can’t thank them enough and I appreciate them so much. Steve taking a whole day and driving four hours to visit for 3 hours just … those are the kind of things that make it manageable.

Thirdly, I want to thank my wife for a decade of fantastic experiences and a love that I’ll hold close to my heart forever. As well as my amazing, beautiful children. All of them are my little rock … my proudest and happiest bits of life are built with these peoples.

I can’t go without mentioning music … the music of Bumpin’ Uglies, Tropidelic, and Ballyhoo! Have really been my shoulder the past year or more.

My clients, when I say bestweb family I mean it. You guys keep this show on the road and I love you guys. I want you all to succeed so much that it hurts.

Lastly, though … I’m thankful for you. This Thanksgiving, cherish every human experience, the pain and the ecstasy. Because what is the sunshine without a cloud, and what is a cloud without the rain (or snow today 🙂 ).

Happy Thanksgiving. I Love You.

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