If a tree falls in the forest

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it? Furthermore Susan, did it fall? Is it even a tree?! I don’t think this old philosophical pondering is about a tree. I think it’s more about what you’re doing. What you’re doing that nobody is seeing, or what you’re not doing that you could be doing.

I can’t remember the quote well enough to find it on google. I think it was by Henry Ford. They aren’t standing around talking about all the good ideas that you kept put away at the end of your days. You aren’t judged by what you would have done.

I often wake up with these huge ambitions to “do this” or that … or whatever. Yet as the day goes on the more it turns into tomorrow’s ambition. You don’t have to be even a mediocre student of life to know that you can’t save ambition and put it onto another day. You’re not “saving up your energy.” You have to strike while the iron’s hot or it starts to immediately fade. Unused ambition is lost. Energy, strong feelings … unused are all lost. I think they call it the law of diminishing returns.

What I’m getting at, is that if you’ve got a good idea; share it! A good image, share it! Some pent up emotion? If Coronavirus is going to take us all, there’s no point in saving it … and we’ll be shit-paper-less whether or not you started today or yesterday.

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