I’m human.

Life is continually 3 problems followed by a crisis.

I didn’t get to call as many people as I wanted to today (Sunday), I called my mothers. I fucked up a gift and I … purposefully wasn’t going to call someone. I honestly would wish everyone a happy holiday but, I saw only 4 other people today.

Oooh. That dangerous place where you HAVE to please nobody … I have a whole bunch of reasons to dislike a whole bunch of people and some days I just fucking hurt n don’t wanna do shit. I sometimes get accused of being mean, hateful, maybe even malicious but, I don’t really think that’s the case, at least for people that … maybe that I prefer? Sure, I do at times get a bit grumpy but, usually if I am mad there’s a decent reason.

Wild animals generally chew on thorns … What would a sophisticated person do?
A vague-book for sure, I had to delete most of it. I think there’s a higher road on the right and the left lane is … well, not ideal.

A funny story, I don’t know where it came from though.

You can build the tallest building in town buy tearing the other buildings down. But, you’re no longer a builder.

I’m … I’m not healthy … in any measurable way but, I caught something on our ticket system earlier this week that hit way harder than I thought it would.

It’s … I know it’s impossible to please everyone, and I don’t know what else I was supposed to do but, I don’t want to cry about my work. I’d do ALL of it for free if I could live like that but, that’s nonsense. But shoot.

Ya know there’s a comet with the potential to hit Earth in 2029 … It’s name is Apophis … and during the near miss in 2029, our gravity will change its trajectory enough to likely hit in 2039.

I … almost envy my blog, and writing … I naturally don’t express much. This is scattered again but, I’m trying to develop the habit of writing every day … I want to design and write a book. I want to publish something again.

It hurts to publish temporary things (websites) even though I love them. I hate losing them. When I have books from Highschool that I’ll never part with, and have to rebuy books that friends borrow and never return.

I used to save the paper, for the first few years. lol. Khristine got mad after a bit and now regularly tosses things, and if she cleans up my shit then it doesn’t matter if it’s important, it’s gone. Kinda bad for someone who uses sticky notes as time cards.

Did I even have a point here? I’d understand if you’re lost because I am too.

uhm … waffle… I fucked up the gift. Some people are cocks and … I guess that’s it?

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