We should not compare the cult group yesterday (from here referred to as MAGA) to BLM. Because they are fundamentally NOT the same type of group.

  1. BLM is founded on the constitutional belief that ALL men are created equal. MAGA is determined to undermine the constitution and the peaceful transfer of power because Democracy didn’t work for them this time. Their belief is that the election was taken from them, regardless of evidence to the contrary.
  2. MAGA blindly follows a singular leader, regardless of fault. BLM is a decentralized grassroots movement with multiple chapters with no formal hierarchy across the globe.
  3. MAGA has decided that democracy no longer applies to them. BLM accepts democracy as the american way to meet their objective.
  4. The BLM movement is based on facts, the fact that racial injustice perseveres across the globe. The MAGA movement is in strong rejection of facts. I believe this is because their belief is so strong that it has become a part of their identity.
  5. BLM engages in primarily peaceful protests IN THE NAME of peace and anti-violence. MAGA brought violence TO THE CAPITOL, to stage a coup in the name of their leader. (The same leader whome INCITED this mob, then tweeted from the sidelines to remain peaceful)

As with any cult, these beliefs are likely to linger far after the transition of power on the 20th. The Trump presidency was met with much controversy right from the beginning and debacle after debacle, nearly daily, for four straight years America was torn apart, seam by seam. What’s more dangerous than people not agreeing or talking to each other is that the entire nation has been victim to this constant abuse, uncertainty, and threat … conditioning it to the trauma of these events, many have detached entirely from reality in a strong form of disassociation. What are we to do any way?

While delivering the trauma, it fed disinformation repeatedly to the point that many, almost all, no longer know what to believe and are now strewn between two very extreme opposite realities.

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