2016 Best of the Best

The annual Best of the Best online ballot is a long web form that submits to a mysql database. Each year it evolves and grows with 2016 hitting more than 1200 votes from 544 individuals in our small rural county. The evolutions this year included an email script, a page for counting the votes (total pain previous years) as well as a page that would figure out who had voted more than so many times to cut down the ballot stuffers (some of people were getting a bit carried away. When I first took on the project my knowledge of application development was pretty minimal, my php/html/css rusty at best. So the current database is incredibly difficult to work through and getting information involves some clever php and query trickery. For next year’s ballot I’m developing an application that will be easy to administer and use, it will separate business data, user data and the actual voting data and hopefully I will be providing it as a Open Source project for others to use and expand!

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