Bad Billy Beard!

The bad billy beard company website

The past few months I’ve been working with Bad Billy Beard. A beautiful little collection of beard care products.

WELCOME TO BAD BILLY BEARD COMPANY! We are so happy that you’ve found us! Here are the most affordable beard care products on the planet. Designed for guys with goatees, short beards, stubble, and scruff! We’ve searched the world to get the best prices for the best stuff! What else do you need when you’ve got the basics covered?!

I’ve never really been into beard care that much but, when I started doing work on Mike’s website we realized pretty quickly that the product photos could be improved. I’d bought that little product photography studio a while back and he mailed me the products. So with a little work over the next month or so we created some beautiful product photos to present his products better.

I did try the beard oil and the original balm. That stuff feels great and smells nice too.

The website was in need of an entire overhaul. I wanted to get his chosen font (ITC Viner) on the headings to match the imagery … and just some classic red and black makes it look nice.

The entire theme is built from the ground up, using a skeleton from underscores and a herd of beautiful CSS.

In many of the iterations I used a background on the site but, I was looking at it a few weeks ago (after running through some e-commerce tutorial thing) and realized that it actually just took away from the contrast of the buttons and, focus away from the product offerings. So I’ve since trashed that. I’m at a point now that I can’t think of what more to improve. I pride myself on helping people present their websites and products.

Update: New for 2020!

We have a Bad Billy Brochure! We wanted to do a trifold as a little leave behind for the shows and whatnot. So, we did a quick branding on the first page, an introduction on the second (spiced with a little social proof … 3rd, 4th, and 5th are products and info, and then the Call To Action on the back page.

I actually liked, my CTA page better but, Mike was probably right on this one.

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