Packaging Labels

Dirty Dirty Dog Treats Beef Bites Front Label

My first project of 2021 are these awesome little dog treat labels for a brand out of my home state of Utah. Dirty Dirty Dog Treats prides itself on being entirely Grain-Free with the catch phrase “We’ve never seen a wolf attack a wheat field.” Look for these on the shelves of gas stations in Central Utah soon!

The goals of the front labels were

  1. Attractive to the target audience
  2. Easily edited/amended to account for changes in treat type/flavor and/or net weight/contents
  3. Compliant with federal labeling regulation for pet treats (Code of Federal Regulation Title 21CFR)
  4. Minimal in terms of copy (writing on label)  (logo, tag line, net weight, product type)

The goals on the back labels are

  1. Easy to read guaranteed analysis table
  2. Calorie content under the guaranteed analysis table. 
  3. List of ingredients easily distinguishable and set apart from other copy.
  4. I feel the idea is simple let’s format like other major commercial brands. I don’t want consumers to think we are trying to hide something.

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