WordPress theme – Dynamo Love

Three Column WordPress Theme

The Dynamo Love Music WordPress theme is the first one that I’ve developed in a while. It features the header image, custom logo, and a mobile menu.

it looks really awesome, great work

three column WP layout
Three-column WordPress index layout

It also boasts a three-column layout on the index page. Which will allow the band to post updates, while showing upcoming events, music, and merch all on a single page so that their fans can find it at a glance! For now, the theme is just awaiting the band to add content. With the holidays and everything, everyone’s been kind of taking it easy but, it’ll surely have great content by summer time when most bands start playing again. They’re music is described as “A modern take on blues that breaks from tradition, infusing free form Funk with resonating soulful lyricism.” Be sure to check them out on their Facebook page or Youtube.

WP Rig

This theme was the first one that I’ve built using Morten Rand-Hendrickson’s WP-Rig. Rather, it’s a community project … Morten just has the largest voice in the community because of work with Lynda/LinkedIn. Following his WP-Rig tutorial on LinkedIn, I did get stuck some with the technical aspects but, it’s straightforward to work with and actually FUN. WP-Rig uses a robust build process that’s like no other development workflow.

When working with WP-Rig you’re not actually working on the theme files themselves like you usually do. You’re working on the files that will be used when you run the build process. The files can all be compartmentalized into individual files and folders to keep organized and such but, when you run the build it gets structured, minified, and spit out as a complete theme zipped up and ready to install. It’s quite extraordinary.

Using this will allow me to create multiple themes from the same skeleton. The themes are highly customizable out of the box. Which will save my customers a load of time with getting their websites up and running.

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