Globe Life Insurance Business Card

I made up some of these bad boys for my latest venture … on 8/31/20 I became a certified insurance agent!

For the front of this card, I kept the right alignment from the logo and just set my stuff underneath it, keeping the colors and space, of course, that’s outlined in their style guide. To combat the oddness of the right-alignment I offset everything to the left … it looks intentional because it is.


Similarly, on the back – using their color guide, and full-bleed on that cool globe icon. I went for a different approach than I usually would here and hit some highlights of our Worksite Advantage program. Which is what we’re focusing on as an agency.

Product Labels

These Vino Cocoa product labels were SO MUCH FUN! I didn’t design the label front itself (later I found out that he’d gotten them from 99designs) but, he needed some layout and design help. At first, he was printing them at home and wrapping them over the top for samples and to market them a bit to gain some traction. The labels couldn’t wrap correctly and needed laid out again. However, he also had a printer ready and had gained some early vendors.

Shelf space! Now selling at City Center Market in Cambridge, MN!

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The whole back panel ended up needing redone as they were poorly embeded .tif files that eventually corrupted and couldn’t be edited. We also ran into issues because there wasn’t really a template/measurements or anything but, we got creative, printed some out, measuring tape and such and got them looking great. Last I heard he had gained more vendors and the chocolate bars have been a decent success.