Illustration editing

This was kind of interesting.  Some illustration editing for my client in Florida, the problem was that the illustrations that the contractor uses to show houses had shingle roofs, and he only provides metal roofs now. At first I thought that I could probably just find a metal roof texture from a stock image site but, that didn’t turn out to be the case, so I made up a vector pattern for them, and then masked them onto the roofs. The edges didn’t look very good and you couldn’t tell the separate sections. So then I made up some little ridges for them.

Property Boundary

This odd little map thing here is an attempt to show a property boundary that was (or maybe even currently) for sale and the local landmarks. It’s a combination of a google image, a better sky image, and some illustrator work.

Grillbot Product Mockups

This product is some sort of automatic grill scrubbing bot, they needed some product mockups and advertisements. So I photoshopped the boxes into a couple displays, the advertisements I actually didn’t design, there was just always last minute errors that needed fixed. Hire a dedicated designers first people! 😉

Golf Course Photos

The problem with this group of golf course photos was that they were taken in fall, and the grass was in poor condition. With going to get new photos out of the question I was asked to try and repair the grass. Some of these proved very difficult while others weren’t very bad. Without much good grass to go off of some of the spots did end up a little bit streaky but, they were accepted and I helped my client get his photos approved.

Watchygo social media photoshop mockups

Watchygo wanted some photoshop mockups to show their watches in multiple places, I got some stock photos from Fotolia and mocked up the watches in photoshop in the mountains, the city and with some puppies.

Silver to Gold Jewelry Photos

I was contacted in the early spring of 2016 to change silver jewelry photos into gold jewelry photos. For what I’m guessing is a drop shipping sort of website or something. Initially I told the client that it would take a significant amount of time to complete the request but, after some research and, trial and error, I found that I could change them within a few minutes … Some of them within seconds. So we arrived at a mutually beneficial price I’ve now done thousands of these photos, expanding his offerings to his customers.