Chamber Charity Softball Posters

Chamber Charity Softball

Every year the local Chamber of Commerce hosts a charity softball tournament. We needed some posters and marketing collateral to promote the event.

How I solved it
We decided on this design, a minimal poster and then some smaller shareables for social media. The thought was to have the ball popping off the page, driving the viewer to pick it up and come play.

GJ Gym promotion

Legal sized all events

GJ Gym in Monroe wanted a promotion to increase signups for their summer classes. I developed a series of posters and they were posted around town, and then duplicated for social media. The larger more restricted poster was designed to attract parents and communicate the information clearly. While the brighter, more energetic posters were designed to attract a younger audience. Thanks to Becca Payne for taking the photos.

Facebook ad for Side Arial Clinic
Facebook ad for Side Arial Clinic

The posters were a great success, they were posted around town, and the fliers were handed out.

Letter Front Aerial Clinic

Letter back handspring clinic

Lacy Hopper and Zeal Flyers

quarter page flyers for zeal

My friend needed some print materials made to help promote her upcoming events to promote Zeal, a nutritional drink mix.

With a limited budget, and time frame I thought it would be best if we just printed some ¼ page flyers to promote the events. I went with a pretty minimal layout, showcased the product and based the color scheme complimenting the dark reds that are dominant in the established brand.

They had a great turnout, sold product and signed up more people.