There is no reality

There is no reality, there is only what we perceive. Extreme examples of this can be found in hypochondria, and phantom limbs. More common examples are found in science and in the courtroom, eyewitnesses are the lowest forms of evidence because our mind will distort things that we don’t understand, and it will distort facts that we don’t believe in.

Having this mindset often helps me to empathize with what is going on within other people’s heads, and hearts, especially when my own beliefs and understanding aren’t the same or similar.

However, there is no amount of meditation or understanding that can help me sympathize with the conservative party right now. There is no reality in which:

  1. The majority of institutionally educated people are brainwashed leftists.
  2. The entirety of media is biased toward one party and makes up facts about the opposing party.
  3. Scientists are distorting facts to destroy the economy.
  4. A pandemic was manufactured to deter economic success.
  5. All social media outlets are against said party. Limiting truthful speech to hide the secret that EVERYONE is biased against the party.

At this point, I don’t even know if they deserve sympathy. Even though I believe that they need it. They are victims, you see. Not of the democrats, or of having their vote stolen, as they believe. They are victims of one single narcissistic man. A man who used his party and his platform to distort, deceive and LIE to protect his seat in the oval office. It’ll still be a while before they understand how they aren’t the victims of democracy, or of the system as they feel now … this is just the beginning of a long process of healing …

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