ugh. Tomorrow is monday?!?!? (self-doubt)

For me, it’s always the same: self-doubt. We’ve all stared helplessly at blank computer screens, sketchpads, or canvases from time to time, and inspiration is nowhere to be found. In its place is what I call the Bad Voice. It’s the one you use to beat yourself up

Hillman Curtis | MTIV

That’s pretty much how the past week has entirely gone. The project at work this week had me kind of confused (or maybe bored). Though the end result looks fine (definitely better than the previous edition), I know that the idea could have been better represented. But, by the end of last week I was desperately grasping for ideas, and just ran with what any inspiration I’d found.

New cornucopia for microstock
New cornucopia for microstock

I haven’t blogged, haven’t even reblogged … Been working on a microstock illustration a bit this week and did a couple simple speculative designs on 99designs. Those speculative things never make me feel any better. There are so many artists with such brilliant ideas that know how to use vibrant colors to make their designs stand out from the rest. Whether their ideas will really work (especially logos) never seems to be a concern. Even when printability is at stake.

Bear did let me buy another graphics tablet to use at home. So, I’ll be using my bamboo tablet permanently at work and have a new Intuos 3 (old I know, but brand new in package!) for home. Which is kind of exciting. I should get it in the middle of next week sometime.

Anyhow, thanks for reading everyone. I’ll try to do better this week.

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