WP Theme – Bad Billy Beards

I’ve got a few of these site-specific themes that I’ve done now but, I haven’t actually published and shared yet. So this will be the first one out of a handful.

Version 1.0! lol.

Uhm we’re looking at a few things that I intentionally did here for branding purposes, things I did specifically for site speed, and likely some things to come … especially on the WooCommerce side.

First, the heading font is Viner (on the brand from the product packaging. It’s fitting) and the body families are system serif fonts. System because loading another web font just slows down the site (decreasing SEO and increasing bounce rate) and serif because the brand has almost a …. classy-evil feel.

I ditched the mobile menu (hamburger menu). Because I think developing mobile first doesn’t mean putting in a special menu for mobile … it should mean creating the menu so that the experience is consistent across devices.

On the mobile first note, I also size adjusted the font for optimal line length, and the transition should be absolutely gorgeous.

Update: Version 1.1!

Most of this theme was built with WooCommerce in mind I wanted to declare WooCommerce theme support. I had trouble with one of the declarations and it would just stop showing products entirely. So now it’s using a different method.



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