Guest Post – Marci Zwygart

Our guest post this week comes to us from Marci Zwygart, whom’s currently working on getting a site up (will update when available). Marci and I share a past experience of working at the local newspaper The Richfield Reaper.


DallasHow long have you been a designer/photographer/illustrator/artist, what got you started?Marci

I have been an artist since I was 12 years old but I have actually been an illustrator getting paid for many years. I worked at the Reaper doing ads for 2 years. At the college with Mr. Puzey at Snow College South teaching screen printing, Adobe Illustrator, and airbrushing. I also was a sub for all the classes if he was gone. I have taken so many art classes, I can’t go to school there any longer without paying for it all myself. I also have a graphic design certificate from Dixie College that I received in 1996.

I have always been creative. I used to look at a painting of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane every Sunday as a child then young adult. It was painted by Peggy Curtis, a woman in my home town. It was gorgeous. I wanted to be able to paint like she did.

I have worked at e-desk. I have taken some time off lately for health reasons but want to get back in the swing of things.

DallasWhat was your first creative memory?MarciMy first creative memory was picking up my pencil and drawing stick figures in books…not the best place to draw.DallasDo you have any hobbies? What do you do when not working?MarciI love to ride my horse and garden.DallasWhat do you wish you would have known earlier in your career that you know now?MarciBelieve that I can do anything I want to with passion and persistence!DallasWhat is your approach to design/photography/illustration/artistry?MarciI see art in everything that I look at. Even in textures in walls, I see faces, design.
I love color, texture, the feel of fabric, the feel of fall leaves. I am very textile oriented but I love smells as well. I love to create the whole picture. Using not only the five senses but the sixth as well. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and that which we know but cannot see, etc.DallasHow would you describe your work and influences?MarciDefinitely my teachers, two of the best were Mr. Nelson and Mr. Puzey at the college in Richfield. It changed names so many time but you know the one I mean. SVT or Snow College Richfield as it is now known, I think. ( I am scratching my head in thought.) The world around me and my religion is a big influence too.


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