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Dallas Price is a designer/developer, photographer, and insurance agent residing in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. His expertise with WordPress and website design is only paralleled by the nerds.


We should not compare the cult group yesterday (from here referred to as MAGA) to BLM. Because they are fundamentally NOT the same type of group.

There is no reality

There is no reality, there is only what we perceive. Extreme examples of this can be found in hypochondria, and phantom limbs.

what is grief

What is grief

Our family has been grieving this week as we lost dad, Jacob VandeMyle. He was up and about during ChristmasRead More…

If a tree falls in the forest

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it? Furthermore Susan, did it fall? Is it even a tree?! I don’t think this old philosophical pondering is about a tree … I think it’s more about what you’re doing … what you’re doing that nobody is seeing, or what you’re not doing that you could be doing

Free site audit:

a free site audit for, by Raul Cirt beautiful site and work by the way.

The end of "Principles" by Ray Dalio


My 2020 is about habits, creating new ones and changing bad ones … and trying to maintain the optimism I practiced through 2019. I can’t say that optimism is an easy thing to practice but, I promise that it’s worth it. That one single trait alone is life-changing … and incredibly difficult.

Let me help you with your WordPress site

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and powers 30% of the internet. We all know that having a beautiful,Read More…


The one and only day that normies talk about gratitude … I’m going to have a gratitude post. I should let you know that I’m a bit embarrassed to even write this because I strive to practice it daily but, nevertheless … here we are.

Everything with a beginning is included with an end.

It is on this one day a year that it seems everyone wants to wish me a great day. ItRead More…

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones might Break My Bones but, Words will Never Hurt Me. Is a little poem that we usedRead More…