If a tree falls in the forest

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it? Furthermore Susan, did it fall? Is it even a tree?! I don’t think this old philosophical pondering is about a tree. I think it’s more about what you’re doing. What you’re doing that nobody is seeing, or what you’re not doing that you could be doing.

I can’t remember the quote well enough to find it on google. I think it was by Henry Ford. They aren’t standing around talking about all the good ideas that you kept put away at the end of your days. You aren’t judged by what you would have done.

I often wake up with these huge ambitions to “do this” or that … or whatever. Yet as the day goes on the more it turns into tomorrow’s ambition. You don’t have to be even a mediocre student of life to know that you can’t save ambition and put it onto another day. You’re not “saving up your energy.” You have to strike while the iron’s hot or it starts to immediately fade. Unused ambition is lost. Energy, strong feelings … unused are all lost. I think they call it the law of diminishing returns.

What I’m getting at, is that if you’ve got a good idea; share it! A good image, share it! Some pent up emotion? If Coronavirus is going to take us all, there’s no point in saving it … and we’ll be shit-paper-less whether or not you started today or yesterday.

Free site audit: ra-design.me


I’ve just performed a free site audit for ra-design.me, by Raul Cirt beautiful site and work by the way.

Here are some technical details
Performance score 12/100
Accessibility score 88/100
Best Practices score 79/100
SEO Score 92/100



The score of 12 puts you as much worse than average performance. While it’s pretty difficult to achieve a great score with an image-heavy site, you should be able to get it up to 50 or above. *Actual download times vary*


Enable text compression

Usually, gzip or similar. It should be in your Cpanel. – 3.75 seconds


Preload requests

Try <link rel=preload> on your /8.css to prioritize it. – 3.49 seconds


Eliminate render-blocking resources

This one is a little bit more difficult. Firstly, you’re running a LOT of fonts. Montserrat, Open Sans, PT Sans, Nunito and Font awesome. Usually, you’d want just two fonts and font awesome. You can also inline or eliminate bootstrap.min.css … you’re using 2.2% of it. (about ~50 lines out of its 10,000) – .9 seconds


Enable caching 17 uncached resources found

If you can, enable caching. In WordPress this is as simple as a plugin but, it looks like you’re running a page builder or something.


Compress images

The largest size you should need is 1920×1080 and a jpg quality of 7-8. You shouldn’t be able to see the difference with a naked eye. – Total size 7,723 KB
/mom1.png(radesign.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com) – 1,453 KB
/wacom%20contest.jpg(radesign.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com) – 1,064 KB
/1fb7c00….svg(www.ra-design.me) – 992 KB
/chasing%20deco-01.png(radesign.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com) – 682 KB
/wacom%20contest%202020%20V2-01.jpg(radesign.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com) – 680 KB
/BH1.png(radesign.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com) – 575 KB
/il1.png(radesign.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com) – 565 KB
/bundle.js(www.ra-design.me) – 304 KB
/8.bundle.js(www.ra-design.me) – 161 KB
/ballons%20to%20shout%20about-01.png(radesign.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com) – 150 KB

There are a couple more performance-enhancing tips in this free site audit but, they’re negligible and there isn’t much we can do about them with your site. The biggest one is your images and scripts … which is to be expected from a beautiful site like that.



The first tip is the contrast on your projects. I think it’s beautiful but, visually impaired people could have trouble. Here’s a list of the ones that are flagged.
Failing Elements
<span class=”tag”>Branding</span>
Mommy’s cake is a bakery startup made by…you guessed it, a mommy :))) she spe…
<p class=”project-description”>Mommy’s cake is a bakery startup made by…you guessed it, a mommy :))) she specializes in sweets so the logo needed to be playful, friendly and deliciously colored all wrapped…</p>
View project
<span class=”link-text”>View project</span>
<span class=”tag”>Branding</span>
<h1 class=”project-name”>Angora</h1>
Angora is a parfume company specializing in parfumes design for both man and wo…
<p class=”project-description”>Angora is a parfume company specializing in parfumes design for both man and woman, they wanted a high-end semi-luxury look as their products don’t come cheap.So i managed to pull…</p>
View project
<span class=”link-text”>View project</span>
<span class=”tag”>Branding</span>
A logo that is a but…unusual i you ask me since it does cross some borders th…
<p class=”project-description”>A logo that is a but…unusual i you ask me since it does cross some borders that it shouldn’t but….it works perfectly for Sandman comedy club as it needed to…</p>
View project
<span class=”link-text”>View project</span>
<span class=”tag”>Branding</span>
Balloons to Shout About is a balloon entertainment and decor company. They do e…
<p class=”project-description”>Balloons to Shout About is a balloon entertainment and decor company. They do everything from birthday parties to large scale corporate decor by combining amazing balloon twisting with traditional balloon decor…</p>
View project
<span class=”link-text”>View project</span>
<span class=”tag”>Illustration</span>
<h1 class=”project-name”>Teddy</h1>
This type of digital illustration artwork can be custom made and be used on all…
<p class=”project-description”>This type of digital illustration artwork can be custom made and be used on all kinds of media, either you want to sell tshirts, phone cases or anything really. have…</p>
View project
<span class=”link-text”>View project</span>
<span class=”tag”>Illustration</span>
Memphis Dog
<h1 class=”project-name”>Memphis Dog</h1>
This type of digital illustration artwork can be custom made and be used on all…
<p class=”project-description”>This type of digital illustration artwork can be custom made and be used on all kinds of media, either you want to sell tshirts, phone cases or anything really. have…</p>
View project
<span class=”link-text”>View project</span>
<span class=”tag”>Illustration</span>
High Lights
<h1 class=”project-name”>High Lights</h1>
This type of digital illustration artwork can be custom made and be used on all…
<p class=”project-description”>This type of digital illustration artwork can be custom made and be used on all kinds of media, either you want to sell tshirts, phone cases or anything really. have…</p>
View project
<span class=”link-text”>View project</span>
Print Design
<span class=”tag”>Print Design</span>
DeerBack Brochure
<h1 class=”project-name”>DeerBack Brochure</h1>
8-page brochure design for DeerBack construction solutions. The brochure is mad…
<p class=”project-description”>8-page brochure design for DeerBack construction solutions. The brochure is made in A5 format for easy handling and transportation. This is a presentation brochure meaning it needs to contain the…</p>
View project
<span class=”link-text”>View project</span>
<span class=”text”>menu</span>

The next is simple. Just add the [lang] attribute in your html element so your line 4 should read <html lang=”en”>

Many of your links don’t have a name. (so screenreaders can’t read them). The image or text should go between the tags … <a blah blah blah>image or text</a>
Failing Elements
<a target=”_blank” href=“mailto:raul.cirt1993@gmail.com”>
<a target=”_blank” href=“tel:+40725640513”>
<a target=”_blank” href=“https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010341764382”>
<a target=”_blank” href=“https://www.linkedin.com/in/raul-cirt-b72481172/”>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/mommy’s-cake” style=”background: rgba(226, 84, 112, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/angora” style=”background: rgba(147, 192, 225, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/aclb” style=”background: rgba(1, 28, 55, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/mic” style=”background: rgba(217, 82, 51, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/book-hook” style=”background: rgba(7, 47, 95, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/no-limit” style=”background: rgba(39, 54, 85, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/balloons-to-shout-about” style=”background: rgba(5, 160, 208, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/chasing-deco” style=”background: rgba(11, 34, 84, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/tribe-vibe” style=”background: rgba(173, 43, 40, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/drink-with-the-gods” style=”background: rgba(17, 16, 56, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/teddy” style=”background: rgba(177, 217, 244, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/fishing” style=”background: rgba(41, 45, 54, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/minimal-poster-&quot;dots&quot;” style=”background: rgba(60, 65, 153, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/memphis-dog” style=”background: rgba(253, 223, 39, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/high-lights” style=”background: rgba(254, 144, 157, 0.5);”></a>
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/deerback-brochure” style=”background: rgba(167, 169, 172, 0.5);”></a>
<a href=”#” class=”slides__pager__close-button”>


Best Practices

There isn’t much you can do here. HTTP/2 isn’t widely supported among servers. You could add passive listeners for the other warning if desired. It’s a bit more work though … more than needs covered in this free site audit. Here are some links regarding those issues.



Your SEO looks Really good, It looks like your robots.txt file is just a duplicate of your index.html file or something though. That’s the only ERROR shown. If you can though, it would give more content for the browser to read if things like
<a class=”image-wrapper” href=”/projects/mommy’s-cake” style=”background: rgba(226, 84, 112, 0.5);”></a>
were made like
<a href=”/projects/mommy’s-cake”><img src=”mommy’s-cake” alt=”Mommy’s Cake Logo”></a>

Alt tags are how the browser and search engines know what the image is and what it’s describing. This should have thrown an accessibility warning too but, the way that it’s coded doesn’t let it I guess. On the project pages it’s using them as “background-image” too … and that doesn’t require alt tags either.

Overall a great site Raul. Let me know if I can assist you any further!

EDIT: I was going to mention something else too. Because I messed up as well with drpgraphicdesign. (actually just learned this a few weeks ago) When picking domain names, using initials and special characters, even numbers … isn’t a great practice. People think in words and letters. So a few times while writing I typed in radesign.com instead. lol.

Click here for a free site audit.


The end of "Principles" by Ray Dalio

This is probably my first post of 2020 … so it’s a long, convoluted one … AND this concludes my first book of 2020. I don’t think a full review of Principles by Ray Dalio is necessary but, if you’re trying to find direction, or managing a team it’s worth the read.

My 2020 is about habits, creating new ones and changing bad ones … and trying to maintain the optimism that I practiced through 2019. I can’t say that optimism is an easy thing to practice but, it’s worth it. That one single trait alone is life-changing … and incredibly difficult.

I chose the easiest habit first, as I’d recommend anyone do … get the momentum going a little with the easy stuff. I simply stopped taking my phone to the toilet and took a book instead. Basically guaranteeing 10-20 minutes of reading every day. It’s time wasted otherwise. That ~580 pages gone before I even knew it, and it was nearly distraction-free reading when the kids weren’t up to their nonsense.

I had already started some of this journey during 2019 … just wanted to be an early riser. It definitely wouldn’t have happened under other circumstances either, now that it’s been a while … I don’t think I’ve slept past ~8 for probably 4 months. Now it’s getting almost difficult to sleep past about 5 I just toss and turn for hours for a few mixed minutes of mediocre sleep.

My little teddy bear enjoying pizza on 02/21/20

Now that I’ve got sleep and reading, I want to do exercise or writing next. That would happen in the morning from ~6-8. While it’s better to exercise in the morning, I usually have ted in the morning and he usually wants to go back to sleep for a bit. So I think I’ll get back to writing.

In the end-ish of January 2020, we had a full-on server breach. A good scare, and while most clients were up the following week, this site has been down for weeks because of it. Most of a month …

During that time, I was also juggling a few projects. One went off without much of a hitch but, I TOTALLY dropped the ball on another. I couldn’t find the time to play … and without the light table, I struggled to try to refine it. Not only did I lose the payment for completion but, I feel indebted to provide SOME SORT of value to Fireseed … So I’ve lost the hours I’ve already done, and a few future hours.

It seems like it’s always when I get a whole bunch going on that bad things happen. lol. Never fails. I think it keeps me aiming too low though. Not that I need more concurrent projects going on but, shoot for projects in mediocre ranges. What brings me greater joy in work is things like The best of the best, Eden, Fireseed, and Bad Billy Beard … bringing life to somebody’s idea kinda …

Not to say that I don’t have ideas, I write them down and fill job sleeves with them but, I get incredibly perfectionist over my ideas and end up doing nothing at all.

Now that BestWeb is restored it’s doing dandily, we’re losing money again, or I am rather.  But, all good things come with persistence. I’ve been reworking the packages a bit to be more competitive with other providers, and need to write new descriptions and whatnot after I’m done here.

That’s all the randomness I have for this evening. Be sure to follow for randomness, and the better stuff.

Let me help you with your WordPress site

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and powers 30% of the internet. We all know that having a beautiful, responsive site is important but, what about the speed of your WordPress site? What about Spam? and Security …?

Let me help:

  • Speed up your WordPress site
  • Take out the trash 😉
  • Maintain Backups
  • Keep your site secure

There are a million little intricacies of how WordPress works, it doesn’t need to be your problem that posts, including revisions, are all stored in the database FOREVER, nor that comments, even spam … will fill up your database, leading to longer queries and wasted space on your host.

An updated site is a secure site, do you jeopardize consumer information by letting updates lapse for weeks, months or … (gasp) years?

When’s the last time you performed a backup? How much would you lose if your entire site was somehow gone?! (Like that one time you forgot to pay your host :/ )

I’m not here to judge, I’m here to help 🙂 I provide a Managed WordPress service both for my own server and now for your hosting too! Let me assist you in getting 80+ on your site audits, and give you the peace of mind in knowing that It’s been taken care of.

What I do

  • Worry about caching
  • Take care of spam
  • Clean your database
  • Backup your website
  • Occasional care reports, providing you peace of mind to keep doing what you do
  • At times, I may suggest ways to get the most out of your site
  • (compress images when necessary)
  • (Possibly use your site as promotion, for you and for me)

What I don’t do

  • I don’t write your content
  • Interact with users of your site. Your audience and customers are your own

What I need

  • I need to know which site to manage
  • An admin account. (My favorite username is DallasP and my email is dallas@drpgraphicdesign.com)
  • I install 4 plugins: a worker plugin, W3TC, Akismet, and WordFence

To get started, simply add my account and click subscribe.


The one and only day that normies talk about gratitude … I’m going to have a gratitude post. I should let you know that I’m a bit embarrassed to even write this because I strive to practice it daily but, nevertheless … here we are.

Firstly, I’m thankful for my family. All of them but, more recently and importantly my mother and step-father for taking me in (yet again), brother (for not letting me die on the side of the road) and his girlfriend for putting up with me invading their space, and my little sister/niece for constant entertainment.

I have the absolute best friends in the entire world, and this post of gratitude would be lacking if I didn’t mention my friends at Uglies Nation and everyone in the Strike Discord. You all mean more to me than you’ll know. By far my best friends and the ones pulling me through this year though, have been Ed, Holly and Steve … I just can’t thank them enough and I appreciate them so much. Steve taking a whole day and driving four hours to visit for 3 hours just … those are the kind of things that make it manageable.

Thirdly, I want to thank my wife for a decade of fantastic experiences and a love that I’ll hold close to my heart forever. As well as my amazing, beautiful children. All of them are my little rock … my proudest and happiest bits of life are built with these peoples.

I can’t go without mentioning music … the music of Bumpin’ Uglies, Tropidelic, and Ballyhoo! Have really been my shoulder the past year or more.

My clients, when I say bestweb family I mean it. You guys keep this show on the road and I love you guys. I want you all to succeed so much that it hurts.

Lastly, though … I’m thankful for you. This Thanksgiving, cherish every human experience, the pain and the ecstasy. Because what is the sunshine without a cloud, and what is a cloud without the rain (or snow today 🙂 ).

Happy Thanksgiving. I Love You.

Everything with a beginning is included with an end.

It is on this one day a year that it seems everyone wants to wish me a great day. It actually makes me a bit sad that people don’t generally wish people a good day … just because.

There’s no reason to be exceptionally happy or celebratory … I get to take the last 33 years and invest them into the next year of this journey, and that’s fun but, that’s all this day really means. The last few years have been pretty somber to be honest, just kind of … reflect on the years and think about things to try to be better at. I don’t need to celebrate my personal life … as it just in a lot of ways happens around me.

Lately, well for the whole year of 33, I’ve tried to be more proactive than reactive … more just … happy, optimistic and helpful. I sometimes get weird looks and whatnot but, it’s fun … and you meet new people. Kinda makes me sad that I’ve been so pessimistic and abrasive for so long.

33 has been an odd year to be honest, I’ve embarked on several personal journies that aren’t easy … like any mountain to be climbed it takes time, patience and perseverance. It sometimes doesn’t seem like anyone gives a shit about my own effort around that … and I fall into those traps … I feel defeated and that nothing I do is worthwhile. Even when the effort is for me … It’s not for them. Fuck them. lol.

So really, I’ve done nothing with 33 externally, moved my shit, raised my babies, a few cool projects, and a few learning opportunities. Internally, I’ve made some adjustments and I’ll likely refine those forever.

My road will not pave itself, and if it’s left for everyone else to be paved it will surely lead where they want me to go. Instead of where my road needs to go. Personally, I’ve got shit to do and I don’t think that it’s up to others to dictate, so whatever. lol.

Happy Monday, everyone. Can we now carry on with our mundane existence? lol.

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones might Break My Bones but, Words will Never Hurt Me.

Is a little poem that we used to hear quite a bit, back when I was growing up. It was written in the 1830s and used to be used to help defend school age children’s mental and emotional ability to defend their own self worth during the school years … because kids are quite often assholes.

But, I was listening to Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Impact theory and I can honestly say that it’s probably dumbest phrase ever (I’ll defend it in a minute). This is coming from a guy who will often insult for entertainment but; I very, very rarely mean to hurt. We’re at an era in life where it’s SOOO easy to hurt people and life-changing dramatically. Suicide and self-harm are at all-time highs … more kids use antidepressants and other mind-altering substances than in any OTHER TIME IN HISTORY. Like, we’re beating the boomers … and those guys spent 15 years listening to Hendrix and Marley …

Here’s the deal though, that’s normalizing and CONDONING the action of verbal bullying. That very statement means that it’s definitely fine to say mean shit to people because they can defend themselves … and … I don’t know about you guys but, I want to live in a world that’s GETTING BETTER over time not regressing. For everything else health-related the entire earth is progressing … we’re hurting ourselves and each other more than ever.

I started thinking about this about, 5 years ago and … I don’t want my eulogy to include “biggest asshole ever” like … I wanna be the “happiest motherfucker” or something like that. idk. I’ve lived sometimes being a real prick. Some deserved, and some just … being a human asshole.

Here’s the thing though, You DO have to defend your mental and emotional state … Yeah, it’s bullshit … life’s not fair. Defend yourself first and foremost … and sometimes (especially now) that doesn’t necessarily mean physically. You’re going to have assholes at work, jerks in school … all sorts of things that you have to deal with but, you have defend yourself. Let’s not just make it okay, bust a fucker’s nose emotionally if he’s attacking you emotionally. Take it to the streets. Because it’s at least as bad as physically.

This paragraph is an aside: I really kinda reversed how I thought about myself and it’s really started to change me … because as a teen and early 20-year old I thought of myself as quite pessimistic and introverted but, I NOW think those were just remnants of my younger life … because naturally, I’m … almost bubbly (after coffee, shit’n’shower). and … I’m actually incredibly optimistic … like I hid it away for 20 years or it was beaten down or some shit. Like, I love sunrises … and I’ve spent the better part of my life thinking that I hated mornings and that life sucked … things just … are a bit different … and every day is a little different too.

Anyway, that aside leads into how I have started to treat others … because sometimes it’s really really easy to be a negative person in this world but, if you give it a try, you’ll realize that it really doesn’t cost anything intellectually, it’s actually way beneficial emotionally, and MAYBE costs a little physically because, you’ll find yourself going out of your way to hold a door or an elderly person with groceries. Guarantee, that shit come back ten-fold and it will start to change how you look at shit.

To wrap that all around, stop calling each other names … stop being a pious cunt (or whatever negative thing you keep doing) and just consider people.

Anyway, I’m starting a full category on education, and though this is a kind of random post, it’s the start of the education category.

I’m … basically an intellectual cat.

I did a personality test a bit earlier, I’m an entp. and I’m not entirely sure how much I believe these tests but, it seems pretty valid … I think they kind of change over time. Like there’s overall human evolution, cultural evolution, and personal evolution. You could probably get more precise than that if you wanted.

I’ve realized something over the past few months … I absolutely positively HATE hugs, like I’ll go in for a quick squeeze-and-peck or whatever but, if I’m standing that means I’m walking; if I’m walking that means that I’m GOING SOMEWHERE.

I also don’t like to splurge on random things … I indulge on the things I want, and when I want … but, the whole “I ate a whole pie” thing that people do on thanksgiving … naw … just a slice’ll do … and I’ll eat it on my own time. lol. My alcohol addiction isn’t binging usually, it’s just habitual sipping … like most people would do with soda or something … because I don’t even like being drunk … Just like all habits, the chains are light until they’re too heavy to be broken.

I want to talk … on my time … but not on yours … and that’s not to say that I don’t care about you or your time but, that I care about BOTH OUR TIME and if I’m doing something or mentally/emotionally distracted then I’m just going to fuck up both of our time anyway … and that’s not right. Let me pencil in time on my schedule.

I do like to be pleasant. So, when I see people I make eye contact … and “meow” at them. lol. If it’s going to be a conversation then let’s settle in for a while and start a fire … but, I better stop what I’m doing first because I want to talk to you … if I’m not particularly chatty then you should probably find something else entertaining.

I’m not here to please you or validate your existence in some way … in fact … if you were dead, and I were hungry. I’d probably just eat you. I like to see you happy but, I’m not going to be the defining factor of your Fulfillnessor lack thereof … beyond trying to be nice … I really don’t give a fuck. My life doesn’t revolve around you and yours shouldn’t revolve around me.

The conclusion, I’m just an intellectual cat … I’m here and I’ll be a friend if you want but, meh.

Another Beautiful Day!

Barely a cloud in the whole sky, it’s another beautiful day! I’m starting to feel like it wouldn’t be half bad to have a cold front roll through though. It’s pretty odd to still be having spring weather/temps even though it’s almost Thanksgiving.

I Got my little guy here again cuddled up all morning. Actually, he was kinda cuddling my bum. Probably farted on him all day. lol. He doesn’t seem to care about that sort of thing though, in the photo he’s super mad because he thinks that my desk is a McDonald’s play place or something so he gets grounded to his playpen about 10 times a day. Little rascal!

Anyway, I guess today I’ll be working on my theme some more for this site. I’m so stressed and worried about money, the anxiety set in the day before yesterday and I just wanted to die. I hate feeling like that because I’m usually a pretty happy guy. Once that funk sets in it’s hard to shake and I start saying/doing stupid shit.

I pretty much had this site shut down for a few months, really I thought I’d have a new theme on it and be back to posting and stuff by now … like before today but, I got a little overwhelmed and didn’t do much.

I’ve been working on Bad Billy Beard though, and a few other random things. Best Website and Hosting is coming along pretty good. We hit a couple of little road bumps and sales have been slow but, overall decent. It would be nice to have a few hundred customers over there. For one, if I stay busy it keeps me sane and lately I’ve just really enjoyed helping people build and maintain websites.

Anyway, I need some work … today and pretty much every day. I’d love to work on a book/magazine/brochure or websites. Product photos (weather permitting) and I’m back to working on computers (laptops, due to space).

Have a beautiful day, people! Be sure to leave a comment, and by all means, contact me if you’ve got something to work on!


Has anyone read “The Richest Man in Babylon?” It’s this … poorly written book full of short stories about making and saving money … As near as I’ve been able to tell it’s geared towards 17-20 year olds but, I didn’t know about it except for the alternative high school. And we didn’t read it, the teacher just gave us summaries of it. I’ve listened to the audiobook about a dozen times but, not until the last few years.

School doesn’t teach much about money at all. Like, still training factory workers even though there are no factories that require workers. Play and Creativity are a school board expense, rather than a priority.

and, I kinda want to incorporate ideas from “Principles” by Ray Dalio. And shit, there might even be some of the best ideas from religious texts.

The idea kind of springs from the thought of Lucas, and asking how to make money this summer like the money he did a few years ago … and what to do with it. Kids often only have the summers to be productive and, school doesn’t give them many skills to do meaningful work but, they have something that most adults don’t and that’s creativity. They have plenty of skills that none of their parents have.

Not that they can do more, or make more than an adult ( though they very well could) but … children in that particular age group are curious enough, stupid enough, and they have the opportunity to plant the seeds to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise adults. Instead of worrying about it when they’re mid-twenties – fourties realizing that they fucked up half their life.

It seems silly, that I would write a little book like that… because I’ve made all of the mistakes but, maybe that’s exactly why I should … Like, the book that I want my family’s kids to have, and the one that I should have had as a preteen. I think … I could have maybe caught a little me at that time and changed a lot. Not that there’s a bunch that I would have changed but, there are so many things that I could have definitely done better… Especially concidering that as a preteen I had a few hundred bucks piled up.

Together, the book will hopefully just work up to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs but, in a way that a 13 your old can … grasp. Not anything extreme but, health, belonging, and achievement … at a very small level, not scientific. Not weird.