3 ways to boost event attendance

3 ways to boost event attendance

Do you need to boost event attendance? If you haven’t had it happen to yourself – you’ve definitely seen it happen to someone you know. You plan an event, a party, a get together, a shinnn dig and on the big day – hardly anybody shows up … or nobody!

Planning events takes time, money and effort. For some people it can be benefit their livelihood. For this reason I’ve generated three ideas to help you boost event attendance. These are the online places and methods that I’ve used for events, and to find nearby events so I know that they work.


Meetup.com is a great place to host events, attend events and meet people. This is the only one that isn’t free. I think it’s around $16 per month to organize your own group but, that seems like a small price to pay if you’re hosting regular events for pay.

Facebook events

This is a free resource that you probably already have a thousand friends on. You can create events with your personal account or harness the power of pages and groups. Pages and groups are the real powerhouse of digital marketing, so if you’re building a business or community and haven’t set these up yet you should consider starting.

Publicly Post to all social

This is EXTREMELY important to boost event attendance. With events IN particular nobody wants to go alone. If they want to go, they will share it with their friends. If it isn’t set to public, it can’t be shared.

Posts from your business page will be public by default, share them to your personal profile, or just get in the habit of checking the permissions. Share them with your groups, tag your friends, and even tag the location so that it’s easier to find.

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