I’m … basically an intellectual cat.

I did a personality test a bit earlier, I’m an entp. and I’m not entirely sure how much I believe these tests but, it seems pretty valid … I think they kind of change over time. Like there’s overall human evolution, cultural evolution, and personal evolution. You could probably get more precise than that if you wanted.

I’ve realized something over the past few months … I absolutely positively HATE hugs, like I’ll go in for a quick squeeze-and-peck or whatever but, if I’m standing that means I’m walking; if I’m walking that means that I’m GOING SOMEWHERE.

I also don’t like to splurge on random things … I indulge on the things I want, and when I want … but, the whole “I ate a whole pie” thing that people do on thanksgiving … naw … just a slice’ll do … and I’ll eat it on my own time. lol. My alcohol addiction isn’t binging usually, it’s just habitual sipping … like most people would do with soda or something … because I don’t even like being drunk … Just like all habits, the chains are light until they’re too heavy to be broken.

I want to talk … on my time … but not on yours … and that’s not to say that I don’t care about you or your time but, that I care about BOTH OUR TIME and if I’m doing something or mentally/emotionally distracted then I’m just going to fuck up both of our time anyway … and that’s not right. Let me pencil in time on my schedule.

I do like to be pleasant. So, when I see people I make eye contact … and “meow” at them. lol. If it’s going to be a conversation then let’s settle in for a while and start a fire … but, I better stop what I’m doing first because I want to talk to you … if I’m not particularly chatty then you should probably find something else entertaining.

I’m not here to please you or validate your existence in some way … in fact … if you were dead, and I were hungry. I’d probably just eat you. I like to see you happy but, I’m not going to be the defining factor of your Fulfillnessor lack thereof … beyond trying to be nice … I really don’t give a fuck. My life doesn’t revolve around you and yours shouldn’t revolve around me.

The conclusion, I’m just an intellectual cat … I’m here and I’ll be a friend if you want but, meh.

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