Everything with a beginning is included with an end.

It is on this one day a year that it seems everyone wants to wish me a great day. It actually makes me a bit sad that people don’t generally wish people a good day … just because.

There’s no reason to be exceptionally happy or celebratory … I get to take the last 33 years and invest them into the next year of this journey, and that’s fun but, that’s all this day really means. The last few years have been pretty somber to be honest, just kind of … reflect on the years and think about things to try to be better at. I don’t need to celebrate my personal life … as it just in a lot of ways happens around me.

Lately, well for the whole year of 33, I’ve tried to be more proactive than reactive … more just … happy, optimistic and helpful. I sometimes get weird looks and whatnot but, it’s fun … and you meet new people. Kinda makes me sad that I’ve been so pessimistic and abrasive for so long.

33 has been an odd year to be honest, I’ve embarked on several personal journies that aren’t easy … like any mountain to be climbed it takes time, patience and perseverance. It sometimes doesn’t seem like anyone gives a shit about my own effort around that … and I fall into those traps … I feel defeated and that nothing I do is worthwhile. Even when the effort is for me … It’s not for them. Fuck them. lol.

So really, I’ve done nothing with 33 externally, moved my shit, raised my babies, a few cool projects, and a few learning opportunities. Internally, I’ve made some adjustments and I’ll likely refine those forever.

My road will not pave itself, and if it’s left for everyone else to be paved it will surely lead where they want me to go. Instead of where my road needs to go. Personally, I’ve got shit to do and I don’t think that it’s up to others to dictate, so whatever. lol.

Happy Monday, everyone. Can we now carry on with our mundane existence? lol.

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