How-To: Pricing Your Design Service

I’ve noticed quite a few people asking how to price their services. For many freelancers just starting out, it’s a HUGE question. They see these well experienced designers charging hundreds per hour … thousands for logo and branding projects. On the flip side, they see people willing to do large design projects for only a …

Current Reads, Resources and Inspiration

Current Reads, Resources and Inspiration

  I was asked via Facebook for suggestions on reading and listening material. As I started collecting links and things I realized that I should probably make a new post about it. Here are my Current Reads, Resources and Inspiration. First off, I really like this weekly series by John McWade. It’s not software specific. He …

Free tire tracks brush for AI

Just whipped up this vector tire tracks brush. Hope it works well. Download Here If you liked this post be sure to follow me on your favorite social media channel, subscribe via e-mail and share, or all of them for that matter! Thank you for stopping in!

Free Vector Grass Brush for Adobe Illustrator

Vector grass brush image

Another freebie this week! I was messing around and trying to figure out what to do for a freebie or blog post this week. Maybe I’ll still get in a post but, while you’re waiting for that play around with this Vector Grass Brush! Show me what you create in the comments below and if …

Free Vector Chain Brush Adobe Illustrator

Vector Chain Brush

I was playing around with brushes in Adobe Illustrator today and created this nifty little Vector Chain Brush. I didn’t get any screenshots for a tutorial so I just saved the brush here so that I could share it with you. Download Here

Create your own vector rope brush in Adobe Illustrator

create your own rope brush

This brush makes handy “western” style text, borders and other things (it’s actually quite versatile). I always forget to save them and end up rebuilding them every time, so today upon a social media request I thought I’d do a short tutorial of the process that I use to create a vector rope brush. I …