and on the third day

Again, I had no idea what to write today for a bit. Actually, Monday and Tuesday were quite easy comparatively. A short aside, this post isn’t about investing …

I started investing again just before Teddy was born. Saving roughly 1k through winter. I’m down roughly $100 (so not a great investor. lol.) But, people keep asking my opinion on individual stocks … which I’ve always found odd, you can snag funds that return at least 10% per year if you’re patient enough. A couple of my current ones are 20% dividends only. If they fall out within 3 years that’s all that cash.

Moving on, I get trapped in these conversations because I can read a balance sheet. I had taken some online courses so that I’d know how to run my businesses and now I’m apparently The Guy, lol. Which is silly, nearly anyone can. or could. Once things are in ratios it’s easy peasy though … and tbh I find it pretty fun. Even though there are very few things that I’d personally invest in right now.

What this post is actually about though, is the Parable of the Talents.

I know I’m not on good terms with the church but, the story begins with three servants. All three were given some talents, and talents being a measure of wealth. One had 7 one had 5 and one 2 …

The first servant, put his talents to use and gained multiple talents along the way.

The other servant did equally well. Gaining some talents and thus riches.

The third hid his talents and did nothing, for fear of losing the talents.

I think it’s silly that I’m asked about some things but, I think it’s part of life’s journey … I wouldn’t have even started saving money if I hadn’t gotten involved with a group of friends who started talking about available opportunities.

Take it all in stride

The splinter is the cost of the wood

Bumping Uglies

I wouldn’t have this website if I hadn’t started work as a designer at the Richfield Reaper. I wouldn’t have a web hosting company if I hadn’t had this website.

I wouldn’t have a house if I didn’t have a family, and if we hadn’t had some hardship.

The separation

On the religion note again though, I think it’s pretty silly that people will rush to aid the Catholic church but, wouldn’t give a dollar to a homeless shelter or something. I’m anti-religious at best … probably even sacrilegious. However, I think there’s value in being spiritual.

Simple acts of kindness, contributions to society, small donations to things you care about. Whatever it is. I think that we can all agree that there is more to this life than dollars … and this is coming from a satanic asshole. lol.

Whatever, I couldn’t figure out what to write today, so if you made it to here, thank you. It’s a modge-podge of shit.

If you are in fact looking for stocks

  • MJ – Marijuana ETF
  • CGC – Canadian Marijuana company
  • CRF/CLM – 20¢ dividend per share, 20% if bought at 12. (Get 70 share’s so that it’s compounding your shares monthly.
  • NWL -Still spicy! ~$15 a share right now with a nearly $52 high. Appointing a new CEO after the second quarter.
  • MRRL – REIT with staggered dividends …

That’s it for today, decent scatter ass post.

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