I literally just spent a whole day typing an email. As most know, I listen to podcasts like ALL DAY and if I’m not listening to podcasts I’m listening to music. I heard this line that touches on a sensitive topic for many … and one of the reasons that my Dallas Price Graphic Design is in a dying industry.

If you increase the wage to build a burger, a robot will build your burger

Jay Samit on the Keys to Radical Disruption

People act like this is new with robotics and stuff but, it’s not. Tractors replaced farmers, e-commerce replaced brick and mortar and in a large part salespeople.

I’ve been working on my sales process a bit for bestweb for nearly a year but, to be honest my time is probably better spent working directly on the site … I want to quickly and easily help as many small business owners as possible. Going one by one is a slooow process there.

But, the sales process does still need outlined. Because I want people to be able to replicate it. The affiliate system is robust as hell and I know a few people that could use some extra cash.

Guess that started going off topic again … Thanks for stopping in guys!

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