I’ve been getting a little shit lately because I no longer have “okay” or “good” days … I heard or read something about happiness not being a state but, being an action. You can literally be happy even when things are shit.

Sometimes are easier than others for sure … but, and this is one of the things that the bear deals with too (we talked for a few minutes about it earlier) some of the people that really got dealt a poor hand are more optimistic than people with literally few problems at all and we’ve all got our issues.

I think it was Thursday, arguing all day … no real work fail of a day but, I remembered a silly thing from one of the podcasts “I’ll be the happiest disabled person you’ve ever met” I thought that was pretty extraordinary.

Holding yourself in the negative state is … it’s not beneficial. Take 60 seconds if you need to to feel sorrow … take 5 days if you need but, I’ve lived a large amount of my life with my best being “meh”, guilt, regret, fear … even when everything is great. I don’t know about you guys but, I’d rather be happy as hell about having a crappy day than dig that hole deeper.

If you see me down, call me on it. Our very existence is something to be stoked about … The rollercoaster ride is just part of the journey … might as well have fun.

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