It’s all going to be fine

And hey
It’s all going to be fine
I put worries out my mind
I always must remind myself
The struggle is divine
Society draws lines
But, they are not how ones defined
Relax and give it time
It’s all going to be fine

Bumpin’ Uglies

I get caught up in moments then say and do dumb shit, feel like I’ve gotten better about it with age but, goddamn I get defensive when I feel attacked. I hurt people’s feelings that I care deeply about without even blinking … I’m a real prick.

I’ll work on it … gotta take it all in stride. Think anything today is going to matter in 10 years? Think the wrong shit you said to a loved one will? I’m guessing the wrong shit you said will matter more than the actual circumstance. Guilt eats the soul for decades. Families are for life, everything else changes with the wind.

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