Devin’s Critters!

After a fantastic evening out with the wife and friends, we (wife, Geoff and I) decided to impose ourselves on a friend for a ride home and a visit to his enormous critter collection. I knew Devin had some critters but, holy shit!


These super cute little guys are a batch of new hatchlings in Devin and Amber’s collection of well over 50 reptiles & amphibians.





They also have a very friendly bearded dragon and a furry dog like creature that Geoff dropped on it’s head.




I’ve been getting mealworms for my toads from Devin and Amber for somewhere around a month. I knew they had some animals but it’s seriously like a small petting zoo. Devin hopes to someday have a pet store here in Richfield and is working on building an online presence to gain followers and supporters. If you’re after some critters, critter food, or just want to check out anything from scaly to furry and cute, You should definitely talk to these guys. You can find their page where they post new pictures and content very regularly at

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