The day of a Dallas

I don’t know what to write … so: I woke up on time. Way too comfortable to leave the couch. Smoked and short of breath I returned to couch. Bear woke up the kids … they argued through getting ready. lol. I kicked them out at 7:18.

I tossed and turned there for a couple hours. Stuff to do and it gets that overwhelming sort of crippling feeling. So when Teddy bear woke up I had to move (getting out of bed really isn’t as bad as it seems.)

Kar Bar runs in, reads her book to Teddy… Super stoked that she’s in Orange books now. Eventually going to play in the back yard.

Only half way through coffee the wife stops in. Asks if I’ll go to the gas station. I was still in yesterday’s clothes, haven’t even put on deodorant. JEEZ. There’s chocolate on the car door, lol. Yellow pollen on the passenger seat.

The sun is pleasant so I roll down the window and turn the ac thing off.

They’re disassembling the old broken playground equipment so that they can install new stuff. Interesting story anyway, they need to demolish that big ol’ metal slide. It burrrns.

Upon arriving at the gas station, some woman in a van was driving like she’d been dropped too many times. I snagged one of the two spots she’d left open. An older guy with a cigarette was cleaning up some garbage. Seemed like a cool dude. In the line he just refilled his coffee.

The cashiers were in decent moods today, though I haven’t quite converted them to “fantastic” yet. I finally got the one that I nicknamed Eeyore to finally have good days instead of okay days. She is a total debbie downer.

Anyway, I had a monopoly hour and shower, Khryslee gets home… She starts crying when I remind her that she’s grounded … and then I cave. lol.

I’m not one of those “play date” people. I totally want them to get out and experience the world in all of it’s unplanned, “Murphy’s Law” goodness. There’s value in that shit.

The kids come home with scrapes, bruises and sometimes even fair injuries … They’ve yet to see why that’s awesome.

No fires to put out today, negotiating a website and stuff … Played a little and whatever. I had to get this post out, even though I had nothing interesting.

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