I hit that block Friday, ya know … struggling with a project, find out another client is up to weird stuff.

and it hits you, why in the hell do I even do this stuff? Like, keeping my own head above water is goddamn work, and I tack on helping people? Shoot. I don’t know how to do this stuff, look at all these experts in the field and amateurs alike doing amazing work that I just can’t match. I’ve been doing this crap for a decade … and I’m a fraud. Literally terrible.

I should go back to making pizza …

That’s an issue. Though I love making pizza, and pizza spreads happiness … it really doesn’t progress a goal. It can’t really “help people and small businesses”. I want to help fulfill dreams n shit.

I made some progress today … but my own work looks like shit. I should hire someone to do this. In fact, a salesperson too. Maybe I’ll do sales, I love people. Shit but, I’m super self-conscious and pessimistic. I’ll have a couple beers before I start … (Dallas, you know a couple really means ten … why do you do this?)

Dallas’s inner-dialogue

Then … just breath … and remember that it’s all just part of the course. Set the sail and then stay on course.

Just keep swimming


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