We ate $60.95 cents yesterday … With an approximate 20% tip we left at $72.95 … The only reason, “I wanted prime rib”, and the bear loves beef of all kinds, so she had one too.

But, would we have been just as satisfied for a $10 pack of beef slices, a few taters and some veg? Definitely, and probably would have saved $50 …

When questioning our habitual spending though, I drink enough and we smoke enough to be millionaires in 10 years if we just saved it instead.

I’m doing some silly things with trying to refine this mindset. We’re not poor by any logical means but, we’re definitely not rich enough to act as we do. I’ve started with easy things.

Projecting 10 years … I don’t want to be this guy. Still in the same place fighting the same battles. Shoot. It gets depressing … discouraging … and my coping mechanisms are poor.

The rate at which positives in life are exceeding the negatives though. There are very few things that I can complain about. (most of them have hair on top). Work is coming along slow but, swimmingly. I’m getting better at building themes, the new servers are fantastic and expandable, I’m working on the affiliate setup so that everyone make some cash, I get to hang out with Ted all day and I still have regular design work.

Life is fucking amazing. Fantastic day peeps.

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